ESG And G4Box partner to bring $500 cash prize tournaments to CrossFire! 2014-01-07
ESG and CrossFire partner up to bring regular cash prize tournaments to CrossFire!

Put your skill on the line in the latest competition coming to CrossFire in the ESG Winter Series, a league and tournament to play for $500 cash plus points and prizes. SIGNUPS ARE OPEN so sign up your team of 5 at the ESG Website by clicking here.

Who are E-Sports Genesis? They're a great team of dedicated players and organizers who are determined to take competitive play in CrossFire to the next level. G4Box is proud to partner up with them in the coming months to provide sponsorship for the ESG Winter Series.

Click here to head to the ESG website and catch up on competitive news and sign up your team for the ESG Winter Series!

Click here to head directly to the tournament information thread for instructions on how to sign your team up and to be a part of the ESG Competitive community.

CrossFire can't wait to see the competition live during broadcasts throughout January and February and we look forward to expanding with more tournaments and more prizes in the coming months.

ESG Weekend Cup - Nov 30 - Dec 1 2013-11-28
Looking for some competition in CrossFire?

Looking to win a 30 Day AWM Infernal Dragon?

Then sign your team up for an ESG Weekend Cup!

Compete this weekend and put yourself and your team on the map then brag about your winnings by dominating in game with the AWM Infernal Dragon VIP Weapon!

This is just a small stepping stone to big competitive plans for 2014 involving ESG so get used to the action this weekend!

OCG Winter Cup! 2013-11-01
OCG is running a Winter Cup!

Check out the full details on the OCG section of our forums and get signed up today!

Signups close November 7th.

Sign up here.

Still room to sign up for the WCG Canada National Finals 2013-09-18
Our Canadian Fans can rejoice! There's still plenty of room for you and your teams at the WCG National Finals in Montreal Quebec from Sept 28 - 29!

Get all the details by clicking here.

WCG USA National Finals information 2013-09-11
Join CrossFire at the Escapist Expo this year on October 4-6, 2013 in Durham, NC. Show up, watch the pros and be part of the audience cheering on your favorite team! Watch them play CrossFire for a paid trip to China to compete with the worlds best at the World Cyber Games finals!

Our very own [GM]Saidin will be on hand giving out prizes to people who stop by. The WCG National Final USA information can be found by clicking here.

Get your Escapist Badges from the convention website. Then play in the Console free play area, or take part in the various other activities throughout the weekend at the Expo!

Stay tuned for broadcast information.

OCG Super Series Signups closing soon! 2013-08-14
Attention Competitive CF Players!

The OCG Super Series is upon us. 2 divisions, tons of teams and everyone vying for over 1 Million in ZP prizes!

Signups will be closed tomorrow so be sure to get your team registered today. Compete with the best in the game over the next few weeks and win fame and glory!

Click here to sign up your team now, there are only a few spots remaining!

Stay tuned to the OCG Webpage and Social Feeds for news and updates regarding matches, schedules and standings!

G4Box announces partnership with OCG 2013-08-12
Today G4Box announces a partnership with Online Competitive Gaming inc, which guarantees competitive play for CrossFire gamers in the future.

G4Box and OCG are proud to present the "Super Series", 2 back-to-back Search & Destroy leagues and a separate Ghost Mode Tournament to take place in CrossFire with over 3 million Z8Games Points and in game prizes to be supplied by G4Box!

OCG started with CrossFire recently running 2 highly successful leagues, their popularity has grown and they have proven they can handle the community and large numbers of people who want to compete in our game. They have also proven to be able to listen to player feedback and grow with the game, providing regular updates to their Anti Cheat, website updates and adapting their rules to fit with the highest level of competition in CrossFire.

In our growing efforts to increase competition and E-Sports within the game we took this opportunity to officially partner with OCG for the next 3 months to run a set of leagues which will show our gamers the true meaning of competition!

Sign up for the latest CrossFire leagues including the new Super Series on the OCG Website by clicking here.

In the coming days we will see a dedicated section of our forums for the OCG Group, as well as continued prize support for their leagues, draft nights and tournaments. We would encourage our users to get signed up on their website and be ready to compete in the Super Series!

With WCG qualifiers in full stride and more CF Stars tournaments down the road, the OCG should give everyone a chance to keep their skills sharp and be a part of the growing E-Sport scene for CFNA!

For details regarding the rule set and signups for the Super Series #1 please check out out the OCG Forums or you can see the details in our own forums in this thread.

OCGaming 750,000 ZP Launch Tournament! 2013-05-15
OCGaming is Launching competitive gaming in Cross Fire with a 750,000 ZP Tournament!

In addition to the 750,000 ZP Prize pool there are also Roccat Taito gaming mousepads available to the winning team.

You can sign your team up by following the link below:

Please note that mousepads can only be delivered to residents of North America. If a team from another region wins they will be compensated with additional ZP.

Tournament coordination is being handled by OCGaming with a full anti cheat required, sign up and compete with the best in this tournament happening on May 25 and 26th.

Signups close on the 19th so get signed up today!

OCGaming brings more competitive gaming to CF 2013-05-02
Have you heard of OCGaming?

If not, then maybe now is the best time! OCGaming is an emerging group dedicated to hosting events, drafts and tournaments for online games. They've recently brought CrossFire into their lineup and have started running events. They have a solid organizational crew, a great anti cheat and a voice chat server to hold everyone on their PUG and Draft nights!

Click here to join the OCGaming community and be a part of the latest competitive events for CrossFire.

Z8Games is proud to have OCGaming join our community and will be supporting the first of what we hope to be many events. OCGaming is hosting a PUG and a Draft this coming Thursday and Friday. If you're looking for some great legitimate CF action, we suggest you check them out!

CFL Midseason Feedback! 2013-03-07
The CFL is looking for some mid-season feedback!

The CFL is currently halfway through their first season. With 500,000+ ZP on the line the competition is going to heat up pretty good! Erick and the organizers are now asking for your feedback. Tell them what you think of the first half and how they can improve for the second half and moving forward!

Hit up their community thread by clicking here and leave your feedback today.


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